Mayoral Campaign Mailer: 'Powerful' or 'Reprehensible'

Barry Glantz is defending a letter of endorsement claiming Laura Bryant has "wasted valuable city resources by engaging in divisive political actions."

After a recent campaign appearance featuring both candidates running to be the next Mayor of Creve Coeur, Barry Glantz said someone came up to him afterward and told him "you sound like the same candidate." Now, a mailer sent to approximately 6,000 homes in Creve Coeur is trying to draw some distinctions between Glantz and his opponent, Laura Bryant.

It is a letter signed by Mayor Harold Dielmann, five current city councilmembers, State Representative Jill Schupp and other former elected officials. In part, the letter reads as follows:

Barry's opponent has a long history of being embroiled in controversy and turmoil. She has wasted valuable city resources by engaging in divisive political actions. It is our strong belief that Barry has the experience knowledge, commitment, vision and temperment that we need as Mayor.

Bryant declined comment, but one of her supporters, Ward 3 Councilwoman Charlotte D'Alfonso said in an email to Patch she was disgusted by the statement. "Knowing the facts, and then portraying her as wasting city resources is disgraceful. They can support whomever they wish but negative campaigning and blaming Laura for keeping her constituents informed and protected is  reprehensible," she wrote.

Glantz said Thursday that the mailer was a "powerful piece," and that he was humbled by the support he's received from current and former elected city leaders.

Glantz declined to give specifics about areas where he felt Bryant had wasted city resources. He said the statement on the mailer was a "collaborative effort" and that the officials who signed the letter had spent "countless hours with lawyers," and ethics complaints because of Bryant. 

"When she's a champion of a cause, there's no greater person to have on your side," Glantz said of Bryant, while backing his own approach which he said is the ability to respectfully disagree with someone.

Election day is April 3. Creve Coeur Patch and the are co-sponsoring a candidate forum featuring both Mayoral hopefuls.

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Karol Plawsky March 16, 2012 at 02:34 PM
I applaud Laura Bryant for her positive campaign in pointing out her significant accomplishments and qualifications rather than finger-pointing and drawing negative attention in an attempt to undermine her opponent. I would encourage voters to investigate ALL the facts before they head to the polls on April 3rd. And since the Patch didn't mention it, there is an interesting editorial entitled, "Disgraceful" that can be found online at www.crevecoeurvoter.com written by editor, David Caldwell. Mr. Caldwell has attended council meetings and planning and zoning meetings without fail for years (probably more than our own elected officials) and I applaud him for his efforts to keep the public informed regarding Creve Coeur's city government.
jeffery leathers March 16, 2012 at 03:58 PM
Looking forward to a lively debate @ the Double Tree on the 29th!!


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