Pack 'Em Up: Election Signs Should Come Down By Friday

Creve Coeur city ordinances call for signs to be removed 10 days after an election.

The vast majority of political campaign signs which dotted local roads in the month or so leading up to the April 3 elections, like all of those in front of the Creve Coeur Government Center on Election Day, have been taken down. In fact, many of them were down that night.

But a drive around town has found a few stragglers. City ordinances call for the signs to be down no later than 10 days after election day. So what happens if they're still there Saturday morning?

We're told by city staff that there's no formal procedure in place as far as having the signs taken down or a penalty, but that the city will respond to complaints. 

How long do you think signs should be allowed? Tell us in the comment section.


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