Questions Linger Over Traffic Issues At New Olive Blvd. Light

Walgreens opened its doors last month, but residents are still wondering about pedestrian safety.

The new location on Olive Boulevard has been open for just a few days short of a month at the redesigned Olive intersection with Graeser Rd. and Dautel Lane, but work on the entire project won't be completed for a few more weeks.

Steve Heitz, from Pace Properties and also the Chair and Executive Director of the Transportation Development District which governs the overall project, said crews have now finished the sidewalks and are still working mostly at night, on issues like a median, and eventually crosswalk striping along with a functional pedestrian traffic light system.

At Monday night's Planning and Zoning Commission meeting, members of the public, including another TDD Board member, spoke of concerns they have about safety at the intersection.

The new traffic light has been operational for weeks prior to Walgreens' and the ceremonial which took place late last month. 

Stacy Manolakas, a TDD Director told the P&Z board and city planners she's concerned about how long the light is staying green. Manolakas has two children and lives nearby.

Tuesday Creve Coeur Patch contacted Karen Yeomans, a Missouri Department of Transportation Area Engineer who is also an appointed Advisory Director on the Olive/Graeser TDD. Yeomans said once the entire project is completed, traffic engineers will check the intersection and use timing guidelines as called for in the U.S. Department of Transportation's Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices.

Yeomans did not have specific information on current light timing available Monday, but said that while the project is still under construction, MoDOT did not want to alter traffic patterns which might cause further backups on Olive Blvd.


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