Should Creve Coeur Sell Naming Rights To The City's Ice Arena?

Residents have suggested the idea. City Council members discussed it Monday night.

The have been fodder for much discussion in recent years, as city leaders try to get more out of the facilities while also doing more to show residents and consumers that they even exist.

The city struck public relations gold earlier this year when country music legend while in town earlier this year.

But work continues on efforts to make the facilities stand up on their own financially, which would allow the city to stop or reduce the transfer of thousands of dollars annually to support them.

Monday night, City Council members discussed an idea which has been suggested in public comments made at meetings over the last few years: naming rights.

The facility which comes up most often for comparison when this subject is broached is the Hardees IcePlex in Chesterfield. City Administrator Mark Perkins did not have specifics on how much Hardees paid for the rights, but a 2008 Suburban Journals article estimated that it was at least $100,000 annually.

Perkins said publicly owned facilities like these were rare in Missouri, but that in Springfield, a facility was in a 10 year agreement worth $200,000 annually. According to Springfield, MO city documents, Medicacom pays $150,000 annually for naming rights to a city ice arena there and another $50,000 for a tennis stadium.

In both cases, the facilities in Chesterfield and Springfield are larger, both in ice space and seating capacity than Creve Coeur's, which has just one sheet of ice.

One resident who spoke Monday voiced concern about the loss of history that might come from such a switch, as the complex is named in honor of former Mayor Harold Dielmann.

The resident also pointed out the headaches caused by the KKK's push to adopt a highway in Missouri, or what could happen if someone wanted to honor someone like Adolf Hitler.

No decisions came of the discussion, as council members said they were just interested in having time to talk about it.

Perkins said the city was more likely to look at other marketing opportunities, specifically at the golf course, like hole sponsorships, or advertising on scorecards and golf carts.

What do you think? Should Creve Coeur pursue a naming rights agreement for the city's Ice Arena?

Robert W. Kent August 29, 2012 at 05:03 PM
One year ago we sent the Mayor-council an Email suggesting selling the naming rights..March of 2012 we suggested eleven basic moves to bring the ice arena=golf course to break even.. Two council meetings ago we suggested that Mr. Simon had again suggested selling the naming rights.. The Complex has been losing $150,000 or more per year for twelve years. Is it extreme to expect that something be done.? This year due to a warm winter and extended plying time and some other minor changes the deficit will be lower (pending receiipt of the big watering bills due to drought). We missed the chance to reorganize and reduce the overhead with the resignation in April of the Director of Parks and the replacement in the lowest communicated act of information in the City's recent history. (If you do not count the Creve Coeur Cares Caper) The KKK comment is a red herring!! We earlier suggested selling it to Mayor HLD and his investors. . Ms. Kirsten Barnes is the new Director of Parks. Let's give her time to come up with a solution without further criticism. After 12 years , what's a few more months. This problem is solvable without shutting down the Ice Arena or the Golf Course. The real problem is the Mayor, Council and Staff's lack of courage to do the fix. Despite campaign promises to the contrary, we are not encouraged by the intestinal fortitude demonstrated by the new Mayor and council. R. W. Kent
robert haddenhorst August 29, 2012 at 06:44 PM
Scott, as usual, you speak, errrr, write before you think. If you checked your facts, which you normally are woefully inept at, you would know that CC golf course only has nine holes. Therefore, your 16th hole reference is inaccurate. RGH
Scott Simon August 29, 2012 at 09:35 PM
Bob Haddenhorst, your comeback is as trivial as your work on the City Council, laden with arrogance and a lack of constituent representation, proven by a 70-30 loss last year against Councilwoman D'Alfonso, the worst defeat for any incumbent running for re-election in Creve Coeur's 60-year history (I researched it, more than you ever did on the council). Virvus Jones was a better representative for his constituents on his worst day in office than you were on your best. It's example writing; I could have written 2nd hole, 8th hole, it's doesn't matter what hole I wrote about because the fact is there is no free media from brand-names at hole locations. But since we're on the topic of the 16th hole, I played a 16th hole on a Creve Coeur golf course well before you every moved here and before Harold Dielmann set out to create a municipal golf course and business park.
robert haddenhorst August 30, 2012 at 01:56 AM
Good, bad or indifferent, I took the initiative to serve my community. Quoting Lloyd Benson in the VP debate against Dan Quayle, "I knew Jack Kennedy, and you sir, are no Jack Kennedy." Well, I knew your father. He was a great man. He served Saint Monica and the city of Creve Coeur with pride. Your sniping comments and useless rhetoric are boring. You sir, are a shadow of your father. RGH
Scott Simon October 16, 2012 at 07:48 AM
RGH, you were the champion of indifferent and as a result, voters experienced a pompous do-nothing councilman for residents and that's why you were voted out of office by a historic record 3-to-1 margin. And as for my father, you hardly knew my father. As a national security defense engineer, he would cuss seeing your Jack Kennedy reference, having to toil in national security defense policies he set. And the only difference between him and me is he was quiet and reserved and publicly; people know where I stand. Otherwise, he would have voted for your opponent based on your inefficient, ineffective and in your words useless track record of representing residents. And you know nothing about who, what, where or how I've served. It wasn't in Creve Coeur. This isn't the center of the universe, thank God.


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