Signs, Signs, How Should Creve Coeur Regulate Signs?

Commerical property owners and the Chamber of Commerce have lined up in opposition to proposals set for discussion Monday night.

In an effort to conform with a recent St. Louis County Circuit court ruling and what city staff says is a plan to reduce confusion in Creve Coeur's signage codes, a proposed re-write is on the table for a public hearing Monday night in front of the Creve Coeur Planning and Zoning Commission.

Read The Staff Report

The revision includes everything from reducing the size of election signage (from 24 to 12 square feet per candidate/issue), to allowing for the use of "sandwich board" signs. Other areas include limits to office building signage in buildings taller than three stories.

While the staff report indicates that under some situations, businesses would be able to have more signage than is currently allowed, there are cases that would put a one sign limit in place for commercial and retail.

In a letter to the city, Steven Hutkin, President of wrote, "the economic downturn continues to impact quality commercial property, even in a top-tier municipality like Creve Coeur. Without the ability to adequately advertise available space by way of well-designed, strategically placed and appropriate "for lease" signage, property owners will struggle further. We are confident the city does not want to unduly hinder the use of reasonable and essential marketing tools that help fill vacant spaces and bring businesses to the City."

A letter from the mirrored those concerns and suggested the changes could put Creve Coeur businesses at a "competitive disadvantage" with businesses in other St. Louis County municipalities not subject to the same regulation.

Monday's public hearing is part of the regularly scheduled meeting of the Creve Coeur Planning and Zoning Commission, starting at 7 p.m. Monday.

How would this rule change impact your business? Tell us in the comment section.

Robin Tidwell July 16, 2012 at 02:00 PM
Like many or most municipalities, Creve Coeur's ordinances are a mess. Piddly rules and regulations here and there, many of which the council seems unaware, that serve one incident or request at a time. I'm not so concerned with the sizes and so forth, based on square footage, frontage, etc., as I am with the requirements for permits for every single thing anyone can possibly imagine. For example, a permit for a banner that will be up for a day or a few days, and all the size requirements, hanging requirements, etc., etc. Or the permit required for tacking up a bunch of balloons for a special sale over a few days - or even a few hours. Seems to me it's all just a way for the city to grab a few more dollars. Give business owners a little credit - we don't need to be policed over every little decision to attract customers, especially when that decision absolutely doesn't interfere with road traffic or impede any other business.
Scott Simon July 19, 2012 at 12:46 AM
Creve Coeur professional staff would do great in the Obama White House. All regulation, all the time!


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