St. Louis County Board of Elections: We're Prepared for General Election

The Election Authority anticipates little voter fraud, thanks to poll training and systems put in place.

With the 2012 federal and state general election just a little more than a week away, the topic of voter fraud is not only on voters' minds but on minds of the St. Louis County Board of Election members, too.

Republican Director of the St. Louis County Election Board Gary Fuhr said that the training and preparation has been thorough and extensive for this election cycle.

“Everyone gets specific training for the role they will have at the polling place,” he said. “We're trying to give as much hands-on training as possible.”

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Fuhr said that 5,000 people will serve as poll workers Nov. 6, and people in roles ranging from supervisor to poll captains and technicians have gotten step-by-step training on running polls and their positions.

The UNITY tabulating equipment used by the Board of Election will be tested in a display open to the public at 9 a.m. Thursday at the Commission's Maplewood office.

Poll workers also can do practice runs with a trainer at the St. Louis County Board of Elections with their mock Election Day set-up. 

Fuhr said that all of the databases have been updated, supplemental sheets with new registered voters will be available and poll workers also will have palm pilots to check with state records. Of course, the St. Louis County Board of Elections will be available to help poll workers on a voter-to-voter basis too, he said.

There will also be roaming deputies who will visit polling places throughout the day to ensure that everything is going smoothly.

Fuhr also said that he’s not anticipating any incorrect distribution of ballots. .

He said that the problem resulted in the wrong style ballot being handed out, but for the general election, Fuhr said that the ballot style has been put with each address and on Election Day, poll workers will have a certain number of ballots to hand out for each style.

He said that there will be approximately 500 ballot styles in this election.

Fuhr said the Board of Elections is anticipating a 75 percent turnout of registered voters for Nov. 6, and they’re ready for each one of them. 

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