Ladue Middle School Students Strike For Fun at Olivette Lanes

Annual bowling party a big part of the social scene for nearly 900 students.

A goal of the Ladue Middle School is to create a welcoming environment for the entire student population of almost 900.

Three times a year, the Ladue Middle School Dads Club hosts social events to bring the students together. There’s a movie night and an annual pancake breakfast for graduating eighth graders.

Sunday afternoon, the parents and students celebrated the doldrums of winter with a bowling party at the Olivette Lanes.

“Our goal is simply to create activities so parents can spend more time with their kids,” said Joe Mulligan, parent and president of the club.

“We wanted to find a suitable activity that would fit everyone’s schedule after church and before dinner. Bowling seems to do that,” said Mulligan, busy checking in new bowlers for the event.

More than 70 kids signed up to bowl and Mulligan figures with walk ins, about 125 students would take advantage of this fun day of bowling.

Assistant Principal Julie Helm represented the administration and jumped right in with the kids activities.

Here’s a photographic swing around Olivette Lanes for the third-annual Ladue Middle School bowling party.


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