Ladue School District Reduces Staff by Seven

School Board Meeting Tonight to Review Budget and Future District Planning.

Ladue High School students held a rally in support of their teachers this morning prior to the start of the school day. Approximately 50 students stood beneath umbrellas during a surprise March snowstorm.

On Friday, the District announced the layoff of seven personnel. Susan Dielmann, the District's spokesperson explained: "We have had a mix of teachers and non teachers layed off. There's been a lot of misinformation spread around and we could have handled things a little better," she said.

The District wanted to inform teachers whose contracts would not be renewed prior to tonight's school board meeting. (7 p.m.in the Ladue High Cafeteria).

Friday, teachers were pulled from classrooms and told they didn't have to return and a substitute, standing by would take their place. As a fact, Friday was a half day of school and classes were dismissed by noon.

"A lot of our personnel will be transitioning to different assignments," said Dielmann. "We made it clear to any teacher notified their contract would not be renewed, they didn't have to return to the classroom that day. Some didn't. Most stayed around school anyway," said Dielmann.

Ladue District officials will not provide the names of the personnel released until the School Board has reviewed those names, likey at the meeting scheduled for March 28.

One teacher whose contract will not be renewed was identified by news sources as Theresa Badgett, a long-time business education teacher at the high school.


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