Ladue School District to Postpone One-to-One Learning Initiative

Leadership changes and a media attention regarding internet safety are the reasons to postpone the initiative.

The Ladue administration will recommend to the board of education that it should postpone its discussion on the One-to-One learning initiative, a program that would give Ladue high school students their own computer. 

On Wednesday, the district first said the decision of whether or not to consider the initiative depended on funding only. However, leadership changes and a recent internet safety inicident made the district reconsider its stance.

“As a result of recent media attention regarding internet safety and recent changes announced in future district leadership, the administration will be making a formal recommendation to the Board to postpone the One-to-One Learning Initiative until a time when there is a more conducive climate for it succeeding,” said Ladue School District spokesperson Susan Dielmann in an announcement to parents.

The announcement comes days after an investigation was launched into an incident in which a Ladue Middle School student gained access to an online video chat website in a school computer, where the student was caught watching a middle-age man performing a sex act.

The district will make its formal recommendation to the board during a business meeting on Monday.

“This decision was reached jointly, with full agreement, by the administration and the district's Technology Board Advisory Committee,” Dielmann said in the announcement. “Many have worked hard to bring the program to this point, and it is with some regret the decision has been made to delay it.  It is the district's hope that with further discussion by parents, teachers and students, this program will move forward in the future.”

flyoverland December 08, 2012 at 02:26 PM
Congratulations to Jill Moore who worked hard to bring this matter the spotlight it deserved. She is a great example of how parents need to get involved in taking back the school district. Now, as the very liberal Post-Dispatch editorial board pointed out yesterday, it is time the School Board comes clean on the "personal leave" business with its former (or current, it is really hard to know which), Superintendent. Parents who continually write in here complaining their kids don't have certain amenities should demand to know why the board decided to pay someone for not working full time.
Tom December 08, 2012 at 09:14 PM
has anyone contacted someone like Elliot Davis @Fox 2?
PaulRevere December 08, 2012 at 10:43 PM
In Flyover's comment: "amenities" is a perfect word to segregate "education" from everything else. As to "personal leave" Did a Board approved Retirement date exist prior to any Leave request.? If so, then the written Leave of A rules can easily answer how a leave can trump the Retirement date. A PAID leave at that. I have seen a LOA request FIRST---Then a Retirement second. But, not in reverse. (Especially within a couple of days or week). 6 month paid leaves are rare, at best. This is an easy one. Employees are either Active,Fired, Resigned, layed off, on Leave of absence or on vacation or sick leave, or Retired. Signed contracts control every status. That's it folks!
Dave Cole December 10, 2012 at 03:44 PM
I was encouraged the district saying there would be "further discussion by parents, teachers and students". Without input from these key groups, the one-to-one program will have no chance of success.


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