Ladue Schools OK Staff Cuts To Come If Prop 1 Fails

The district announced plans to move forward with eliminating more than 20 positions. Administrative changes will come regardless of what happens in April.

Teachers in Ladue schools will learn this week if their jobs are being retained as the district goes ahead with plans to trim roughly $1.7 million from the budget, if a $.49 tax levy increase fails at the polls next month.

In a statement released Tuesday afternoon, the district said 22 teaching positions would be impacted. An analysis released earlier this year outlined suggested cuts which could come in case the tax levy question failed.“These individuals deserve to know as far in advance as possible in order to make alternate plans for the next school year, if they choose to do so,” said Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources Dr. Judy Sclair in the statement.

Under the proposal the following full-time positions would be eliminated:

  • Two (2) elementary school spanish teachers
  • Three (3) elementary school teachers
  • Four (4) teachers at
  • Two (2)teachers
  • Two (2) music positions between grades 4-12
  • Four (4) elementary school Physical Education Teachers would be replaced by teaching assistants.
  • Two (2) Physical Education Teachers (1 high school/1 middle school)
  • One (1) High School Guidance Counselor
  • One (1) position not yet identified

On the administrative level, the district has decided not to fill a vacant assistant superintendent's position for the coming school year and a the duties of a pair of other administrative positions will be re-evaluated and divided up as well.

The administrative changes will happen regardless of how Prop 1 is decided in April.

TransducerX March 16, 2012 at 12:47 PM
"Ladue *was* a strong community because of its strong schools." The constituency in Ladue has aged out of caring about the schools. Their kids are done ergo *they* are done supporting it.
Heather Allen March 19, 2012 at 05:57 AM
For anyone who skims through these comments without reading closely, I'd like to point out that Ladue School District does not have the highest median home value in the area. in 2010, Clayton School District’s median home value was $480,000, compared to $408,000 in the Ladue School District. (The residential property tax rate in Clayton School District is currently set at $3.2759 – higher than Ladue Schools will be if Proposition 1 passes.) I won't argue that Ladue, Huntleigh and Frontenac have the highest home values in the area.
Fixed Income March 19, 2012 at 01:40 PM
Heather, you hit the nail on the head. Therein lies the problem. The "City" of Ladue sends over 1/2 of all the money to LSD and less than a quarter of the students. Olivette, which sends the most kids, sends only 14% of the total dollars. Olivette controls the school board. 4/7 live in Olivette and after this election it could be 5/7. Olivette has more average priced homes than the rest of the district. If it were in its adjacent districts instead of Ladue its rates would be much higher. I agree, most (not all) Olivette residents are getting a great deal. Meanwhile, the rest of the district which sends few kids to the schools pay all the bills. There is a fable of the Killing of the golden goose. The moral of the story is: "Much wants more and loses all" (Samuel Croxall, 1722). Until the school board understands that it must respect the entire community that pays its bills and doesn't use its services and continues to covet what it believes must be a huge lump of gold inside the golden goose, the goose is going to bite back.
Melissa Mitchell Pesce March 22, 2012 at 02:50 PM
Fixed Income- I think it is rather ironic that you are now coming to the defense of Ladue teachers who have been drug through the mud by the No Group up to this point. They have been referred to as overpaid, robots, and receiving gold-plated salaries. I am a parent with children in this district and I have nothing but the greatest respect for the teachers in this district. They work very hard and have to deal with such a vast spectrum of children. I have repeatedly seen posts about how much less private school teachers make (I have no idea if this is true or not). Perhaps private school teachers don't face the same challenges of public school teachers who have taken on the responsibility of teaching the most gifted of children, and those who are struggling with basic skills --- all in the same classroom. So, let me be very clear. I don't think teachers are like waiters but they are being punished for perceived bad decisions by the Board. That is my only point, and I think most other people got it.
Fixed Income March 22, 2012 at 03:06 PM
Actually, Mom, the gold-plated quote (and you can go check) referred to administrators. It was the Vote Yes group that changed it to include teachers. The board made this about teachers when it laid off a bunch of them instead of cutting other non-essential line item expenses. But, I guess laying off teachers is a much better way to motivate the parents. Regarding gold plated administrators, you cannot dispute that. The Supt. makes more than the Governor, the Mayor of St. Louis and the County Executive. The job isn't bigger than any of those.


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