Parkway Solar Panels Delayed Until September

Initially scheduled for installation in August, solar panels will begin being installed in the Parkway School District next month.

A district-wide plan to install solar panels at all Parkway School district buildings which was set to begin August 20 will now wait until September 5.

In May, the Parkway School Board voted unanimously to move forward with a plan to install the panels, a process expected to take four to six monts.

, from Brightergy Solar Solutions for $72,300 a year, over 20 years. The panels will generate energy for electricity, according to the district.

, but Cindy Bambini with Brightergy tells Patch the first school is now expected to begin installation of the panels Sept. 5. There is no specific reason for the delay, the whole schedule was simply pushed back two weeks, according to Bambini.

Overall the district is installing 3,267 solar panels that will be used to help generate power all 33 buildings. They're estimated to save as much energy as used by 1,243 light bulbs. 

The panels will save the district an estimated $14,194 the first year and has no up front installation cost,  previously told Patch. She said savings could reach more than $1.4 million over the life of the contract which runs until 2033.

Jenny Niemeyer August 29, 2012 at 02:52 PM
So why is Parkway spending more money ($72300 * 20 = $1,446,000) than what MIGHT be saved ($1,400,000)? I noticed this the first time the story ran, too . . . Does anybody care besides me?
PaulRevere August 29, 2012 at 05:15 PM
Jenny: You bet I care. These panels are a laugh. They only benefit the companies selling them (as Leases) WE are all paying for these panels touted as almost free. HOW? They are "GRANT" money subsidized by the Federal Govt. The people should check "Brightergy" the people who are leasing the panels to Many school districts around St Louis County. Mehlville school district also has been sold on these panels. There are other Public schools sold on the same project that is nothing but a "Government push to force expensive Solar down our throats" This is a disgrace for all Taxpayers as the school officials are commiting residents to long-term leases (affectively these are loans). The people installing these will not even be around in 20 years. Parkway will be stuck with an "obsolete" no good solar system. Signing a 20 year lease should be brought to people vote. I wish more residents would holler as Every Federal taxpayer is now subsidizing our public schools all around the country. Yes! the over $1.4mil panels are TAx subsidized and PAID BY ME AND YOU. Don't let the school officials tell you otherwise. A ploy to push solar through the back-door of our public schools. Just try to get a bid on residentail solar and the cost is prohibitive. YOU ARE CORRECT!
Robert W. Kent August 29, 2012 at 05:24 PM
GREEN POWER DEJA VU Jenny: I care! See my blogs on the inefficiency of solar power previously published. The parkway School district should be required to report each six months the cost of electricity with the solar panels versus the avereage cost of electricity for six months for the past three years. I have a "Five Guys Hamburger" for the Parkway School District Superintendent if after the full installation the savings come any where close to projections!!! At what interest rate is the lease calculated over 20 years? Will the government subsidies continue to cover this installation? Has the maintenance of the system been included? This is the "Show me " state. Will this payout be included in the state audit of the school district with facts from Ameren UE before and after? Eight to five, this ends up being a loser? and another politically correct action with the taxpayer money. Do not come to me asking forgiveness and a school tax or bond increase!!! There are a lot of questions of transparency and accountability to be answered. I wager we will never get them. Robert W. Kent


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