Priory Getting A New Headmaster In The Fall

Father Michael Brunner will become Pastor of St. Anselm Church.

There will be a new monk in charge at in time for the next school year.

A Priory spokeswoman confirmed that Father Michael Brunner, who has been Headmaster at the Creve Coeur school for the past seven years, will leave the position in June but not the Abbey campus. Effective November 1, he will become Pastor at .

In a letter to the school community which went out last week, the Abbott Thomas Frerking said Rev. Brunner would be succeeded by Rev. Linus Dolce. The letter said under Rev. Brunner, "the School has further developed its rigorous academic program and has had great success in college admissions results, and has also been enhanced by international exchange programs and by a strong peer evangelization program within the student body."

Of Rev. Dolce, Abbott Thomas said he "will bring to the office of Headmaster great strengths as an academician and educator, and as a leader of the spiritual
heart of the School, as well as a vision which will be helpful to the School in the changing times that lie ahead."

He added that the school would begin a new round of strategic planning in the summer and that it was "appropriate" for the Headmaster who would implement that strategy to have a role in its development.


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