Talented Taylor Robinson Not Yet Ready to Crack Ladue's Starting 5

Starting five run away in the second half to defeat Jennings 66-47. Robinson gets 10 points in less than 15 minutes of playing time.

On a 9-4 Ladue basketball team; one that captured the holiday title of the Ritenour tournament, coach Cord Dockery has a bit of a tempest in a tea pot.

He’s not about to give away starting jobs on a team that is meshing so well. At the same time, he has a senior, 6-foot-3 Taylor Robinson, with a scholarship agreement in her hip pocket to Temple University, just becoming eligible for second semester play.

Robinson had to take care of personal business and get her grades in order to play the second half of the season.

Monday, the Rams visit the other Rams on Warson Road, the mighty MICDS team and Doc knows he will need every weapon in his arsenal to win.

While Robinson was taking sips of water and watching from the pines; senior Elizabeth Greebberg was dropping in short jumpers and layups. Greenberg led Ladue with 19 points; the Rams pulled away from visiting Jennings in the final 16 minutes to win a conference match, 66-47.

The game was much closer than it once appeared. At the 3:03 mark of the first quarter, Dockery had to call time out to find out if anyone wanted to play defense. The visiting Warriors had a momentary 11-10 lead.

Robinson, playing a mere cameo role scored 10 points in less than 15 minutes. She can take over a game in the blink of an eye.

But Dockery is not going to reshuffle his lineup, just because Robinson won her eligibility starting January 1.

“No, this team has been playing good, and we’ve gotten better without her and again I said right before the game--she’s a bonus, an asset to our team. By adding her, I just think its going to make us that much better.”

Right now, Robinson’s biggest challenge is getting herself into full playing shape. Its not  likely she can go the full 32 minutes right away. “She’s going to have to earn her spot back. I’m not just going to give it to her,” said her coach.

“Taylor will get plenty of quality time Monday, and she’s just going to have to step up.”

Dockery had this to say about Lizzy Greenberg. “She has probably been our most consistent offensive/defensive player this year. We knew coming in she was going to have to be a good leader and help us out handling the ball. She is one of our better defenders, and I thought she had a great game.”

No time to savor the victory, the Rams need to get ready mentally and physically to meet MICDS (Monday night, 5:30 p.m. at their place).

What Dockery does like is the contribution of the trio of sophomores, guards Cate Meyer, Jelissa Puckett and Katlynn Walker.

Docker had praise for Meyer. “Cate has come a long way offensively. She is starting to make some good decisions. She realizes shooting is not her strong point. She’s doing a good job of getting to the basket. Meyer scored 15 for the Rams.

“Those sophomores are good defenders and help us especially on the offensive end.," said Dockery.

Senior Katherine Deboer dominated the boards, leading Ladue with 13 rebounds.

Jennings got tremendous scoring from their duo, Shania Thornton with 23 and 19 from Daria Evens. Ladue is 9-4; Jennings drops to 2-9.



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