Golf Partnership Paying Dividends In Creve Coeur

The city has agreements in place with University City and Ballwin to boost play at all courses.

The City of Creve Coeur appears to be getting the better end of a pair of reciprocal agreements which allow city residents to play at neighboring municipal courses at that community's residential rate.

Creve Coeur has arrangements on the books with Ballwin and University City.

From July 2011 through November 2012, 444 Ballwin residents have played rounds at Creve Coeur's municipal course, while 382 Creve Coeur residents have played in Ballwin between January of 2011 through November.

In University City, where the agreement has been in place since September 2011, 285 U-City residents have played here, while 128 Creve Coeur residents have hit the road, through November.

Creve Coeur's agreement with University City was recently extended into a permanent arrangement that gives either city the ability to stop with 15 days written notice.

The reciprocal agreements are one of several ways city officials have tried to boost the exposure of the golf course and the ice arena in recent years, which together have operated at a deficit.

Have you played a round of golf at the Creve Coeur Golf Course lately? Tell us about your experience!


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