Max Scherzer Gets First Win In 2013 For Detroit Tigers

The Parkway Central graduate beat the New York Yankees Saturday.

Chesterfield native and Parkway Central graduate Max Scherzer pitched five innings Saturday to get the win Saturday for the Detroit Tigers against the New York Yankees.

Scherzer struck out seven but did allow four runs on five hits on his way to his first win in 2013.

Former St. Louis Cardinal Tim McCarver, entering his final season as FOX Sports' lead analyst for Major League Baseball coverage, told The Detroit Free Press that Scherzer could win the Cy Young Award this season.

On Friday, ESPN.com posted a powerful story about the passing of Scherzer's brother Alex last summer. Alex Scherzer took his own life after battling depression. Max returned to the mound two days later in an emotional performance and pitched in Alex's memory for the rest of the season as the Tigers went to the World Series. But the story talks about how the family had to confront reality once the season ended.

Max began to open up. He talked about missing his brother, about how he reached for his phone at night, how Alex could make Max -- and his parents -- feel better with just a few words. They all missed his laugh too, and the way he could be so sarcastic and so loving at the same time. "That's sooo Alex," they'd say.

But, of course, there were nagging questions. The whys and the what-ifs that will never go away. They talked about their anger, wondered why Alex chose to leave them. Max was still wounded, but he knew Alex wasn't selfish: His depression wouldn't loosen its grip. It had taken him six months to admit it, to himself and to his family, but "Max still needed Alex," Jan says. "We all needed him."

Go to ESPN.com for the complete story.


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