Welcome Back Randy Karraker

Afternoon drive cohost for Creve Coeur based 101 ESPN returns after quadruple bypass less than a month ago.

When Randy Karraker was last in front of a radio microphone, few knew who was, and the Rams' new defensive coordinator was not yet in the public crosshairs of an NFL investigation into an alleged bounty program. Oh how times have changed.

But Friday, Karraker returned to the airwaves of , just a mere weeks after undergoing quadruple heart bypass surgery. The host of the afternoon drivetime program The Fast Lane, which broadcast live from Creve Coeur's , had surgery February 14. Karraker had stents put in in late 2010 and felt pain in his chest in January. Tests after he returned from Super Bowl coverage revealed he had blockages of 60-70 percent in one artery and 70-80 percent in another.

Karraker said his doctors told him nothing he did was responsible for the blockages, and that fortunately for him, there was no damage to his heart muscle. He said he's been assured that after his rehab, the surgery gave him a "50 Year Fix"

He told Patch and also shared with listeners his greatest piece of advice."We all as males tend to be macho and if you feel chest pain, get to the doctor because more often than not its going to be a heart issue." He also said he's learned that he has to listen to his body and his doctor's instructions.

There will be more diet changes, like cutting down on red meat and sodium, but Karraker sounded like a man more than ready to get back to a diet of sports talk, be it about golf--"It’s notable to me that Tigert Woods just is not capable of being consistently great anymore," he said of Woods' ability to put together four great rounds, or baseball, as the news of the day rotates around Chris Carpenter's neck.

Who could have seen that a month ago?


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