Electronics Recyling Drive Seeks To Help The Environment & Goodwill

Organizers said this year's event may come close to the goal, despite poor weather.

Organizers are calling the seventh annual electronics recycling drive held by the and a success, despite having to dodge rain drops this year. The two day drive, which for the third year has also included MERS Goodwill, wrapped up Monday afternoon at the congregation's campus on Mason Road.

The goal for this year's event was to collect 200 tons, and while Sharon Summers, Goodwill's donation coordinator didn't have tallies yet as cars continued a steady stream of traffic dropping of items, but was optimistic they would come close.

Monday afternoon, there were a handful of old and newer televisions donated, along with computer equipment and even a large industrial strength vacuum spotted in one of the collection trucks. Sharon Summers, Goodwill's donation coordinator said in past years, 80 year-old appliances or big screen televisions have showed up at the events, which have collected more than 500 tons of items over the past 2 years alone.

Some of the donated items will end up on the shelves of area MERS/Goodwill stores, while those which cannot be refurbished will be disposed of in a way which will keep the electronics and the hazardous chemicals inside, out of area landfills.


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